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Comedy movies - the main genres

How to spend a really good time with your friends? Of course, watching one of the famous comedy films. It could be romantic comedy about funny sweetheart’s time, sacrastic black comedy about some murder, military comedy with sarcastic army joking. We offer you to download comedy movies and to learn more information about some comedy genres. However, it is so much better that to download unknown comedies with the not interesting plot.


Parody and romantic comedy


A parody or spoof film – is a type of comedies which satirized famous classic films about love, history or well-known persons. Such parody comedy films employ stereotyping, sarcasm, mockery of scenes from other classic films and the obviousness of meaning in a main character's actions (like famous film Mud and Sand).


The romantic comedy film is usually developed a difficult relations between young woman and man. The main characters typically have a problems in bed – it is really funny to watch! Sometimes the main characters try to become a hero and make some beautiful girl to fall in love with him. You can visit our site and download popular romantic comedies without registration.


Action, fantasy and military comedy


Action comedy is a films combining two or three comedy genres. It could be a romantic comedy with black comedy elements, military comedy with stupid jokes, gross out films with a really heavy vulgar plot. If you do not care about a lot of vulgar jokes, you can watch comedies online. Therefore, we must admit fantasy comedy with irresistible plot. Fantasy comedy films are types of films that use magic, supernatural and or mythological figures for comic purposes. Most new fantasy comedies include an element of satire or parody, turning a lot of an irresistible fantasy convention on their head, just like a hero who becomes a cowardly fool, and the princess being a funny klutz.


Military comedies usually contained different comic situations in military setting. Most of them include extreme sciences, military jokes and funny excitations in battle zones.


Recommended comedy – "My sex adventures"


Canadian film includes many funny sciences. A main character, who was so scared and stupid 36-years man, decided to become a professional lover in Toronto. However, his girlfriend Rachel broke up with him because he was a bad lover. Watch and enjoy this brutal romantic comedy without any registrations!